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 Comtec Research 회사의 대표자 약력입니다.
김광진 박사는 미국 Illinois 대학에서 1982년에 토목공학박사 학위를 받고 1988년 Applied Research Associates에 재직하는 동안 미국 공군 및 해군 연구소로부터 포화된 토사의 동역학 기초이론 개발에 깊이 관여하였으며 1989년 Comtec Research사를 창립 후 지금까지 지반, 지반구조물, 구조물-지반 상호작용 등의 수치해석에 필요한 재료모델개발과 유한요소 프로그램개발에 주력하고 있습니다.

  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois (1982)  
  Professional Engineer, Virginia and Maryland.  
Numerical and theoretical analysis of structural, geotechnical and applied mechanics problems. Specialties include finite element analysis of complex problems as listed below:

* Development of material models and finite element codes:
* Wave propagation in one- and two-phase media:
* Nonlinear Consolidation:
* Static and dynamic structural analysis:
* Heat transfer including phase changes:
* Deformation and performance of underground structures during
    construction and under static and dynamic applied loads

1989 to Present :

Comtec Research, Principal Engineer. Research and development of dynamic response of saturated soils and rocks. Development of computer programs for geo-structural problems. Consultant to consulting services for geotechnical and underground structural analysis.

  1984 to 1989 :
Applied Research Associates, Inc., Capital Area Division, Senior Engineer. Research and analysis of structural dynamics, structure-medium interaction and stress wave propagation. Conduct static and dynamic finite element analysis of under-ground tunnels and large cavities. Develop mathematical models to represent behavior of rock materials.

  1982 to 1984 :  
Applied Research Associates, Inc., New England Division, Staff and Senior Engineer. Research and analysis in stress wave propagation in one- and two-phase materials and numerical modeling of blast induced liquefaction. Numerical analysis of deformation and stresses surrounding large underground compressed gas storage facilities in salt during construction and operation; response of frozen backfilled shafts to intense dynamic loadings; thermal analysis of underground heat sinks utilizing ice and frozen soil.
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